Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Alright, so I guess i need to shorten my captions or something; I can never publish a full post together! And this isn't even the half of it! My dad's "man cave" room, as mom likes to call it, which is really just all her brown-toned decor and dad's army pictures spanned across one room, is flooded with tubs and boxes of new exciting new stuff! Like this..
Everything here is handmade! Delaney made the plaster fish mask in her art club and I thought it was completely neat-o. I love the green, so I want to hang it in my room. Everything else are the divine creations of Aunt Jennifer, of whom i have been totally intrigued by her creativity my entire life. :) The bottom left piece is wood! she carved/painted my initial and the flower girl. The bottom right is paper, and is a drawing of my folk-doll she made one christmas! The flower is also wooden, and will probably fill one of my mason jars!
Mom hand-sewed these pillows. :) The tan one is covered in a drop-cloth and she hand-wrote french phrases all across it, and the blue one is made with fabric she picked out for the graduation party! I just love her.This was a cabinet door that AJ made into a jewelry holder! Note the lock on the left side and the still-intact hinges! I just love the rustic- feel it has! This picture doesn't exactly do justice for the details, but she stained the sides and painted swirls in the cornors.


Sea Glass! I also found this at the Tin Shack in Apalach. I want to have a bunch of mason jars and glass vases and fill them with something a little more creative than the typical rocks, marbles... so i thought this was unique. I also like the idea of spanish moss and old keys. If anyone ( aunt jennifer?) has any suggestions I'd love some help on this!

I love this!! It would be lovely in my room or the living room. I saw at Anthropologie where they filled a birdcage with origami birds. They used pretty scrapbook paper, but i think sheet music would be nice. I'm sure there's a youtube video on how to fold origami?...
OK this is one of my FAVORITE ideas!! I. love. it. These are all LP covers, selected for cover design only, not content, but the idea is to simply pin them just like this on the kitchen wall! The rest of the place will be mostly subtle, simple, and clean themes, but there's no denying the "modern" brady bunch-esque kitchen, so we decided to embrace it!